Critique Crew

**NOTE: Critique Crew is currently on a holiday hiatus! We will return in 2017, so check back for new meeting dates in January.**

In addition to my one-on-one editorial services, which are available globally, I’ve set up a local offering for those in the San Diego area: the San Diego Critique Crew, a read-and-critique group.

What’s a “read & critique” group?

Open to vetted professional and aspiring amateur writers, attendees will both read and critique others’ work at monthly sessions, held in person at a San Diego area location once a month.

Attendance is strictly limited to six members per meeting.

Although this group is free to attend, we limit participation to six members per session in order to make sure there is enough time for all critiques. To make sure everyone participates equally, you must be able to send your piece to us 1 week in advance.

What is a critique?

Critiques are aimed at helping each writer improve their craft. Therefore, both positive and negative comments are included, though all comments must be constructive. Mean-spirited or snarky responses will not be tolerated, as the goal is growth.

If you have never participated in a critique session or writing workshop before, please feel free to message me for additional details or with any questions you may have about the process.

What kind of work can be submitted for critique?

Our group is open to both fiction and nonfiction writers who are serious about submitting regularly and improving their work for publication. We will read short stories, personal or persuasive essays, blog posts, informational articles, and excerpts from novels or other works in progress. We will not critique poetry, religious or political rants, nor any form of writing done for purely therapeutic purposes. Please submit your best work to the group (as if it were headed to the editor you are hoping to impress for publication), and make sure to proofread it before submission.

Group Guidelines

  1. Pieces for critique must be submitted to the organizer (that’s me!) via email by noon, one week before the actual meeting, in order to give participating writers time to read and critique all submissions.
  2. Each member may submit a maximum of 10 pages in order to keep things manageable. We are open to both fiction and nonfiction items for critique; just let us know which it is when you send it in.
  3. Participants will be limited to a small group of six, on a first-come, first-served basis. Please send me request to join via the contact form.
  4. 20 minutes of oral group critique will be given to each writer during the 2-hour session.
  5. Bring a copy of your individual comments for reference, and to pass along to each participating author. (Handwritten or typewritten comments are both acceptable. Notes may also be shared via email after the session, if you prefer to use Microsoft’s Track Changes function and email attendees directly.)
  6. Please do not book a spot unless you are absolutely certain you will be able to attend, as space is limited.
  7. Feel free to stay afterward to further debate, discuss your critiques, ask more writing-related questions, or just enjoy a cup of coffee!

Upcoming Meeting Dates

  • January 2017 – TBA
  • February 2017 – TBA
  • March 2017 – TBA

How to Participate

Please use my contact form to send me a writing sample, or to request more information. I look forward to reading your work and meeting you in person!